Welcome to the Colorado Legal Services Pro Bono Attorney Website!

At this website you will learn the specifics of accepting, handling, and closing pro bono cases.

Funding for this project made through a Legal Services Corporation TIG grant:


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3 Responses to Welcome to the Colorado Legal Services Pro Bono Attorney Website!

  1. Antonio says:

    I am Iraqi War Veteran US Marine Corps. I have a daughter that lives in Colorado. My ex-wife divorced me while i was in Iraqi. I hired a lawyer in El Paso County in 2014, that took my money and closed the Law Firm and was not able to get any type of refund. I agreed to a Parenting Planin which sanctions was added once i had signed the last page. I have been in my daughter’s life while my ex-wife has done nothing but to do everything to hurt our daughter. I agreed to 8 weeks in the Summer and Holiday’s. After the sanctions was added i ended up with 5 weeks and 5 days including travel time of 6 day for pick up and return. She has been in contempt of court a number of times. My ex wife took a cell phone i purphased for telephone calls , and a computer I bought our daughter for Christmas to Skype. Also the child support order is over 9 years ago and a new one was to be put into El Paso county. I still have no idea how any judge in El Paso county signed off on this Parenting Plan. I do not get the listed 8 weeks (not even close) I get no report cards or anything normal things all courts states parents are to get and i was spoke to my daughter once in 3 months. Also my ex wife added i would be responible for all transportion costs in which when she misses a pick up date it only cost me and my current family the money. I have almost lost my job twice over not allowing me to pick our daughter up. I have been out over 5,000 dollars for lawyers in Colorado, I have 3 child support orders in 4 differet states for our one child because she want enter 1 order in Colorado, and sometimes paying tripe support on one child. I do not know what else to do, I talked to the Wounded Warrior Project and i currently work on a military base with a Sec. Clearance but can not get any help with visitition with my daughter. My daughter talks of abusive and alcoholic boyfriends of her mother and being left at home with her 5 and 7 year old sisters without supervision and other disturbing things. If you or know of any lawyer who would help a Veteran in this sitution please let me know i have a disabled wife and do not have more and more money for lawyers who is not going to do their jobs also i am still paying the loans for the money spent for lawyers in 2014. Thank You

  2. mollyfrench says:


    I just noticed your comment on our website. I am sorry for what you are having to deal with, but we don’t take legal inquiries through our website.

    If you’d like to check to see whether you are qualified for our services, you can apply online at applyonlinecls.org. Otherwise call 303.837.1321 and we will ask a few questions and if you are initially eligible will start the full eligibility process to see whether we can help you.

    Thank you for your service, and good luck.


  3. mollyfrench says:

    Antonio – sorry as I just saw this post. This isn’t the forum to use to contact us, apologize if that is not clear on the site but I’m double checking on that and will make it more clear. In the meantime I’ve sent your info to our intake unit – you should hear from them soon, or you can call 303.837.1321 for more information.

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