Language Interpreters

I. CLS Provides the Interpreter for Office Meetings

  •  Pro bono attorneys do not arrange their own interpreters for CLS pro bono cases
  • CLS pays for the interpreter, who bills CLS directly – there is no charge to volunteer attorneys or to clients
  • CLS will arrange the interpreter, and has access to a list of approved interpreters who are skilled at legal interpreting
  • Clients should NOT use their family members, friends or personnel from other agencies to interpret
  • Messages can be relayed to clients through the interpreter provided by CLS
  • If you or your client object to the interpreter provided by CLS, please contact your pro bono coordinator to discuss the situation

II. The Court Provides Interpreters for all Court Events

  • Each Judicial District has a Managing Interpreter responsible for coordinating the interpreter needs for that Judicial District – click here for a list.
  • Attorneys representing clients who require interpreters must notify the Court prior to the date when an interpreter is needed for a court event.
  • You can fill out this online form to request an interpreter,  or here is a sample Notice for Interpreter to give to the Court concerning the need for an interpreter at a hearing.  (This is an interactive form – you can fill this out and use it for your case.)
  • Interpreters provided by the Court will assist with some communication ancillary to the official court event to facilitate the event (for instance, a conversation in the hallway to discuss an offer made in court)
  • The Court will provide interpreters for meetings with Family Court Facilitators  as well as for court-ordered mediation and court-ordered investigations (e.g., Child Family Investigator home visits)
  • Chief Justice Directive 06-03 (click here for information) sets out the policy and procedures for court-provided interpreters
  • The Colorado Judicial Department has an Office of Language Access which oversees the implementation of polices and procedures

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